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About Us

Okuns Global Incorporation and Okuns Global Investment (Nigeria) Limited have evolved over the years from the days of our start-up to when we were called Okuns Ventures Inc. We graduated to become Okuns Group Inc after integrating all our parts together and renamed to

With our relocation from our starting base from Michigan State to the State of Georgia in 2017, we were compelled to combine our international unit in Nigeria with our USA unit hence the name changed to Okuns Global Incorporation and need to re-invent our website into one

Our business strategy has never changed in providing superior services in our core business of real estate rental, providing health care services in Nursing and Rehabilitation care, Financing debts and loans for investments. We also use both our print and online magazine platforms to promote people, businesses and culture within our communities. We are fortunate to have several highly experienced and talented people in key positions. The expertise and experience that they bring to us really set us off from competition.

Our key competitive advantage lies in our product(s), service(s), design, technology, cost, quality and flexibility of usage. We are better positioned to take advantage of new trends in the market (equities), market segmentation, buyer’s needs and customer preferences.

Being a forward-looking company, we are always eager to adopt new and innovative ideas to our investment approach either in real estate, asset management or marketing via our online and magazine platforms.

Other major advantages for partnering with Okuns Global Incorporation is that we have a lower cost structure, no fancy offices, no big salaries for our representatives, little overhead and we tend to watch every expense carefully. We possess several key financial strengths over our competitors in that, we have less or no long-term debt, have more equity capital, have more better access to money, high profit margin, secondary revenue stream and a stronger balance sheet with great reputation to protect.

Our customers are more aware to the initiatives that we put forth, open-minded to new products and services that we may offer. In essence, we have a significant better access to our customers than do our key competitors. We hope you will continually check us out at for more corporate releases as we believe that when you grow, we also grow!

We Are

Who We Are

The Celebration of Achievers, Culture and Business.

As a family owned and operated firm our mission is to providing superior services in our core business of real estate rental,providing health care services in Nursing and Rehabilitation care, Financing debts and loans for investments and Advertising.

We have a deliberate policy of making all Okuns brand name, be it Okuns Magazine, Finance, Rental, Rehabilitation, and miscellaneous services competitive without compromising quality. Our word is our bond

At Okuns Investment, LLC, we are never happy until our client is satisfied. Our objective is not to make jumbo profits from one client at a time, but on volume of business, hence the offer of several incentives at no additional cost for continuous business relationship purposes, with the hope that if you are satisfied with our service, you will tell others, and if you are not, you will tell us. In addition to the rock bottom prices for doing business with us, there is added advantage of being featured in our print Okuns Magazine and Online version. Contact us to learn more.