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How to Live the Life You Desire

What is stopping you from living the life you desire?

Who stops you from achieving the goals you have drawn out?

Ten years from now, will you be where you want to be?

Many lay on their deathbeds with regrets, wishing they had lived better lives or spent time with family and so on. A few thoughts on how to change this!

The story is said of a little boy and a wise old man. In a bid to test the wisdom of the old man, the boy with a bird in his wrapped around his hands asked.

“Wise man, is the bird dead?”

The old man replied “It is in your hands.”

Then the boy asked again, “Is the bird alive?” The wise man don’t flinch as he replied once more “It is in your hands.”

Unimpressed, the boy asked “Why then are you called a wise man if you can’t answer such a simple question.”

The wise old man smiled, “Little one, the life of the bird is in your hands… If I say it is dead, it is in your hands to show me that it is alive and if I say it is alive, it is likewise in your hands to snap the neck such that it dies.

Hence, I conclude that only you can decide the bird’s fate… So it really is in your hands.”

To you reading, could it be that you are sitting right now and waiting for your fate to be decided especially by someone else?

I’m here to say to you, “It is in your hands.”

A quick question
What is the one thing you must do today to stir your life in the direction you desire?

Don’t just read this question, please answer it and live it.

For me, the one thing I must do today is quit stalling and write this post and several others on my mind because someone actually needs to read them!

Hello there! I’m Tomi Okunrounmu your host for Real-Time Talks, glad to be a contributing writer at Okuns Online-Magazine. I’d be bringing you inspirational posts to encourage your intentional lifestyle bimonthly.

To a better us,
Tomi Okunrounmu.