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1.You get a job, earn your dream salary but don’t have the luxury of time to yourself?
Here is the twist, you find the job absolutely unfulfilling in terms of your personal goals, aspirations and satisfaction even though it affords you a lifestyle you like.


2. You quit that job for a job with a way lower payment but affords you to live a fulfilled life, pursue your dreams, goals and aspirations.

What do you choose? And most importantly, why do you choose?
Sometime around early June, a colleague at work mentioned “How time flies” during a discussion. She made the statement by observing that the year was half gone and the month of June was already counting. After our discussion, the phrase “How Time Flies” kept coming at me and I began to meditate on it.

You see, the questions we started were drawn from a personal experience and as I sampled the thoughts of people on the issue, I heard differing expressions like,
“Ten months without your own life? That’s a tough one”
“…but its only ten months… Not even up to a year, why don’t you stay”
“There should be a way around it. That’s a lot of money to throw away.”

In a sense, it is true that time flies… Such that when observed from a cumulative point of view, it looks as though the days have passed in a very short while however, it is not true that time flies in the sense that, It moves at its own pace and requires that every moment is experienced. For instance, every day is still 24 hours. There are no 23 or 25 hours, even though various factors may make it seem short, long or even moderate.

It is truly impossible to ignore time.

In fact, every minute of the day must be lived and experienced. Now, whether it is lived intentionally or in oblivion, doesn’t change the fact that every second count.

So, here is what I did. I decided to handle the situation from the perspective that time doesn’t fly, I have to be proactive. And think about how unfulfilling the past days had been and think of the coming days in light of that.

My conclusion was that ten months (at that job) is too long to live an unfulfilled life.

As a friend said, many understand the duration and not a donation.

It is not about money made but the joy in your heart, the impact made on lives around. It is every man’s responsibility to make every moment count.

Many will die with regret that their lives could have been better if only they had not imagined (wrongly) that they had all the time.

Thanks for reading this edition…
I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. How do you view your life, are you satisfied? Is it fulfilling? Does it matter? Or is it just a matter of time?
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