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” To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven,” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

After couple of months break from writing, I have opened myself up now to a bigger horizon in the state of Georgia, USA. I hereby welcome our esteemed readers back to a new beginning. I am being elevated and rewarded in many ways than over the past months of not writing were unimaginable. I hereby want to start a new series in the qualities of leaders, while we promise to add more talented columnists to our readership.

The rich and the poor receive the same gift from God for 24 hours each day. The difference between the prosperous and the poor is in the valuing of time. As a leader, a person that do not respect your time will not be a respecter of your wisdom either. Imagine having a scheduled appointment to see the president of America today; are you going to go on with the mind-set so called African-time or at the appointed time? Who can you call if you lose your allocated time? As a leader in our respective services; we are responsible to train those around us to respect time. You do so by respecting their own time as well. Start seeing yourself as an excellent time manager, begin to stock of what life’s’ values are. The direction which you follow in terms of your usage of time is a strong indicator of your life’s priorities. One of the major reason leaders squander time is because they do not know the purpose for it and goes to say that they will not know the purpose for life. Where the purpose of a resource is not known or discovered, abnormal use of such resource is inevitable.

Plan your activities by setting aside time for the followings: Personal time with God, Work obligations, Time with family and friends, Time for recreation and working in God’s vineyard. Mark these items on your calendar and see if the pace is sustainable? There will always be seasons in our life and ministry that are busier than others. To avoid burnout as a leader, prioritize your daily, weekly or monthly calendar. The ministry of Jesus was never hurried or hectic. He had a balance between his larger public ministry with teaching, healing, etc. He also set out time seeking out quiet place to be with the twelve disciples while still creating time to be alone for rest, reflection and solitude with his heavenly father. Jesus maintained a healthy rhythm in his ministry.

Just like one of our Pastor, Youth leader and Business Owner Ayo Ajiboye once equipped, ” I will be reluctant to pay a staff salary reading bible during a working hour”. Putting it mildly, as a corporate entity, will you feel comfortable paying your staffs if they spend all their time on social media rather than working? Feel free to express your valuable opinion.

Lastly, discipline as a life in our time management is very important towards being an effective leader. Effectiveness can be learned. Learning to organize your life and work is a discipline that can be learned, keeping a a data of events and daily to-do-list is very important. Time management is vital for the survival of any organization and to be an effective leader. ”See then that ye walk circumspect, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil, ” (Ephesians 5:15-16)

Till next time, keep soaring like a eagle! Shalom.