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This is Inspirational,  motivational, and transformational for every woman, young adult, a young couple, and youth and families. In every challenge of life, there is always a way out, in every situation of life there is always a way out, in every problem, there solutions, and this is to share my experience and wisdom and inspire you to rise up, love, and develop yourself and do something even in your present situation. No condition is permanent and no one is perfect. The book of life stated that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, so I  said to you,

But before you read further
Let’s say this together with energy

Yes I can do it
Yes I can have it
Yes I can be it
Yes I can achieve it
Yes I can complete it
Yes I can perfect it
Yes I can finish it
Yes I can relate
Yes I can be empowered
Yes I can develop
Yes I can succeed
Yes I can create wealth
Yes I  can do it
Yes I can change
Yes I can adapt to change
Yes I can become
Yes I can achieve
Yes I can be fulfilled
Yes I can go after what I want and get it
Yes I can take up anything and improve it
Yes I can take any situation, turn it around and make it work for me
For all things work together to them that believe,  so  I believe it.

15  words of wisdom from my new book Yes You Can

1. mindset and transformed Life
“And be not fashioned according to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, and ye may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2) Changing your mindset to be transformed. If your mind is not renewed, it will be difficult to change or adapt to change or life to be transformed. This is to prepare your mind to something new.

2. you can turn negativity into a possibility
Come with me as share my why and as I unveil my true story of how I have turned the voice of negativity into possibility, how I believed in the possibility and rose above other people’s opinion to make it happen despite every odds and circumstance, all things are possible when you believe.

3. five Ds of becoming successful in life – Dreams, Desire, Determine, Discipline, Decision. You can succeed in life with 5Ds, these are steps I have taken personally that has helped me in my journey of life especially during my experience of negativity in the last chapter, I am using this session to inspire and motivate that if I could, you can also and it is possible.

4. you can Turn fear into opportunities and be empowered, you can found opportunities in your adversity if you seek.
“Fear will only hold you down and limit you- Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”.  Les Brown.  They said 80% of what you are afraid of never happen- Fear is a potent force that can potentially influence just about anything you do. If you can start to look beyond your fear, you may find that the actual event you’re dreading is not as terrible as think it is. So I am now inspiring you to step up and do something, open your eye, and see the opportunities around you. Richard Branson said if the opportunity comes, take it first and figure out how you will carry out the project, it could require more training or more resources to discover.

5.  you can Adapt to change
Why is Change needed? In order to survive and live. We too have to start the change process. We sometimes need to get rid of the unpleasant old memories, negative habits and our fixed mind set.  Now is the set time, this is the time to turn your back to the past, now is the time to open a new chapter, who cares of what people know about your past, your past is not your future and it can never be your future, technology has taken over and that is why we need to learn a new things to adapt to new change, we have to update our knowledge and refresh our memories, we have to have a Flexible Approach to adapt to change, you can still start afresh, you can begin again, you can and It is possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. you can manage your finances
Personal financial management is a subject that is not taught in many schools but is something that nearly everyone has to deal with in their lives later on. In this chapter,  financial challenges, and money problem has destroy many homes and family, It is time to motivate ourselves on how to manage your finances to prevent bankruptcy’s, huge debt and unhappy and unsatisfied life, lack of money is not the problem but mismanagement of money both in domestic, business and government and it’s all started from an individual, if you value small things and manage it well then it is possible to manage large sums of money. I will encourage everyone to educate more on these issue.

7. you can relate –  Relationship and Family Matters
I believe that that relationship is the most crucial element to deal with first in becoming successful, this was elaborated and put an emphasis that there are common issues in every relationships and solving one problem is like solving all problems in relationship. Charity begins at home and it will go long way to solving problems in our working places, business environment and in our society including nations.

8.  I believe Emotional breakdown, Lack, Frustration, The Unknown, Abuse of power, Inferiority, Insecurity, Disappointment, Discouragement, Weakness, Unfaithful and the influence of drugs/friends/family, Anger and Abuse will make a man or a woman to beat their partner/wife/husband. I believe there are solutions to these issues in relationship but first thing first. They should realise and admit that they have problem and they should seek for help: Professional counselling; Pastoral counselling; Prayer; Support; Deliverance and willing to help others with their testimony. With God all things are possible and there is nothing too difficult for God of the Universe to do.

9. you can manage your emotions and overcome emotions to win the battle of life.
People have got used to hiding from their emotions and to letting them govern their lives uncontrollably, which leads to many unresolved conflicts, inner and with others, to sending mixed messages to the people around them and to numerous lingering issues waiting to be resolved (which rarely happens. Because of this, the person who is in touch with their emotions, who knows how to control and understand them, and who is able to detach themselves from their feelings is often viewed as stable, professional and reliable partner, in business or in private life. And they really are, because they don’t allow emotions to rule their lives. So we will work together as we tackle the causes, the effects and the solution in our time with elizabeth mentoring

10. you can forgive yourself and forgive others
From my past and present experiences, I became strong to know that forgiving someone does not mean it “didn’t happen,” forgiveness doesn’t necessarily resume trust… just do your part toward reconciliation.  I know through experience – When we choose to forgive and allow that to work within out hearts; cutting off every place where anger , hurt, bitterness, and fear thoughts of self pity or self righteousness rise up then the event becomes nothing but a memory, we find ourselves free of all emotional attachment to it, we even forget it.  We are able to bless those who have injured us with a sincere heart and are even willing to return to the relationship and build again what God intended to build the first time around.  Some of your healing and miracle requires your forgiveness to yourself and to others. Let go, let them go and your miracle come in, Forgiveness let you turn your back to bitterness “Forgiveness is giving up all hope of a bitter past.” If you have a regret about something you’ve done, use this moment to forgive yourself. If you have a resentment against someone else, use this time to forgive them. Things don’t go as planned. Learn to forgive and forgive quickly. It will reflects your emotions and gives you peace, joy and successful.

11. values of an exceptional Father, Man And Husband.
It’s about time will love our men, support them and praise them. I discovered that if Man was respected and praised, they become better and stronger, man need emotional support to be a successful man.  That might be a reason why the universe say it is not good for a man to be alone and let us made man in our own likeness, also as they said, there is a mighty woman behind a successful man. These could be mother, sister, wife  and I believe this inspiration will give strength.

12. sometimes we involved in blame games, government blaming parents for what is going on in the society, drugs, killing and stabbing, gang-stars and rapist, parent blaming the government and the film producers, wife’s blaming the man that left them, the pursuit of money and career and even blaming the children that became rebellious and children blaming their parents for not listening to them and finally, social services blaming parents and parents blaming them, however, no one is taking any responsibility of those actions or their actions. There are so many charities and groups and religious leaders that are working hard to find solutions but not enough and we try to push the main problem aside. There is no point dealing with the problem from the surface or from the top, but recognize the root of the problem, Charity begins at home, it is a generational problem, and the earlier we start researching the issues and pay attention to details and we can help our men.  However, let us start with individuals, Me and You, and with this, I have sought few qualities of an exceptional father, man, and husband to encourage our men and to motivate our young ones to ascribe greatness. To have the fear of God and seek God’s wisdom.

13. you can become a virtuous woman and role model
I do not underestimate my power as a woman. I will not be reduced to nothing or think I’m worthless by meaningless singers out there that think I am men’s problem or equivalent to money or sex.. There is more to me than meets the eye. Come with me as I share with you the quality of a woman. Women are unique, beautiful, and precious. They were prayerfully and wonderfully created by the Universe. Women were empowered by God to do many things, they are creatives, industrious, caring and loving according to proverb 31. Women are beauty on the inside and outside. So ladies need to constantly be reminded of these by their parents first before the world. Every woman and lady and even girls are peculiar, every woman and ladies are role model, they just need to appreciate that. Good character brings out a good woman and lady, they have moral values that they need to develop and appreciate. Time is a factor, It will take time to develop, and it takes patience and endurance to build and be healed. Character can be developed. So, we research and learnt from the stories of the woman in the bible and from their example of a moral value.

14. remember life is too short, life can be hard sometimes, it is not easy with problems on our minds, we got to take one day at a time. Rome is not built in a day, it takes patient to cook a proper delicious soup, Perceivers will not give up nor quit, though the sea may be rocky and rough, the Universe will make sure we see the lighthouse for you truly is a guiding star, no matter how far, he travels with us in all directions so we may overcome all our trials, tribulations and challenges of life. Yes you can and it is possible to be fulfilled and be successful  in life and all things are possible.

15. Take time to think, it is the source of power. Take time to play, it is the secret of perpetual youth. Take time to read, it is the fountain of wisdom. Take time to pray, it is the greatest power on earth. Take time to love and be loved, it is a God-given privilege. Take time to be friendly, it is the road to happiness. Take time to laughter, it is the music of the soul and medicine to the heart. Take time to give, it is too short a day to be selfish. Take time to work, it is the price of success and Take time to do Charity, love yourself and love others, it is the key to heaven.

Enjoy the reading and be inspired, be empowered and transform your life.
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