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We made covenant with one another and we have to be committed to it by God’s grace, with understanding and wisdom. According to the books of (Proverb 31, Proverb 14:1, 1 Corinthians 11:3, Ephesian 5:23-24, Titus 2:2-8) these are the original role of a married woman and the man. The divine principles and the older ones should be an inspiration to younger generations more so, it is our test of faith.

Marriage is the only institution that God ordained and it is a blessing and favor. Marriage is our training ground. The man is the head, Priest, King, and Leader. Women cannot contest or compete with them. Men are not perfect and we are not perfect either. We have gone through a lot together and we are still standing, it is about the Will of God not our own will or emotion. How we feel or how it should be or what people said or our thought however, no condition is permanent, we are all learning and growing every day. We just need to learn how to appreciate our differences, strengths, and weaknesses and give ourselves time, space, and focus.

Divorce and living single or separate from one another is not the best solution. A virtuous woman built her home with God’s wisdom. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It is about the relationship with God and obeying His laws/commandments that matters. Love one another is about patience, understanding, and endurance, it is about tolerance and not with provocation, arrogance, pride, competition, violence, pretense, deceit nor suffering silent but by prayers and seeking help when needed.

We all need one another as the Lord stated that it is not good to leave the man alone …..the male is for strength while the female is for comfort. May the Lord answer all your prayers. May his grace and wisdom keep us together in Jesus’ name.

By Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu