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Divine Appointment

Women were carefully and wonderfully created to be a man’s helpmate, supporter and home-builder. Men need influence and women were employed to fill the post. Women were created to fill a need and a gap. Women are needed to fill the human resource gap.
“Those who know the situation, correct the situation.
Those who understand their assignment, focus on their assignment and be fulfilled.
Be one of them”~Elizabeth Lucas-Afolalu
Women were chosen to solve an emotional problem and to be a connector between God and man. Women were designed to stay in God’s presence to hear God for her husband, and to be filled with joy and peace. Women need to be nourished for the man, for their glory and beauty to radiate. Creation got involved because a woman stepped in. Women were called to be mothers of families, mothers of communities, and mothers of nations. They are for generations. The purpose of God for women is to regenerate their kind and to stay in that purpose. Women releases her breadth and helps her husband.
Women were called to influence men. Good nourishment strengthens a woman; but to obtain this, she must go deeper in her relationship with the Creator. Her connection with the universe will help her joyfully build and support her husband. God is her helper, supporter, and strength. A woman’s potential and wisdom dictates and produces nourishment.
Sight is the limitation of man but vision is the prerequisite of the most high and we must work not by sight, not by fear, not by arrogance, not by pride, not by power, not by might, not by competition, not by copying, not by condemning, not by judging and not by race but by the spirit of God in us. Be Inspired!!!
“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day will bring forth.”