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The Pandemic Year: New Growth Opportunity

What a Pandemic Year indeed. A year when so many things changed. Many waters has passed under the bridge, with many people afflicted and thousands have died of the Covid 19 virus all over the world with the daily toll still rising.   While we thank God for the privilege to be counted among the living. We also count it as a great opportunity to make an impact and achieve greatness while we are still living. With that said,  the new management of Okuns  Group Incorporated has decided to rebirth the organization in the state of Georgia, USA. The new corporation is duly registered with the Georgia Secretary of state’s office on 07/27/2020 and our new website will be

We don’t want to be a spectator but rather a participator during the history-making period of this decade. Just like our clients have known our brand name back from Michigan State for excellence, growth, and success in whatever we embark upon, it is with the same spirit that we are now welcoming all our esteemed readers and business associates back to our platform. We have lined up a great lot of new innovative ventures, ideas, and people who are going to add value to all our products. Our website is presently undergoing rebranding and renovation to meet the new digital age!

We don’t want to sit on the sideline and watch events unfold. it is time to rise up and move forward and cultivate the eagle habits that we are noted for. Extraordinary people are not idlers but rather they are mover and shakers people who make things happen and that is part of Okunsgroup.  Kindly take time to read our older posts while we promise to constantly updates you with new information. We really want to appreciate all those who have encouraged, motivate, and stretched us to move beyond our comfort zone. Thanking you in advance for taking the time to read our posts, explore our website, and looking forward to reading your comments and reviews.
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