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Reflection of the Daughter of Former Immigrants

27 years ago, a woman named Linda Myers saw something in my dad. Something that made her fly all the way out to the London, interview my father and decide he was the perfect physical therapist for their company and hired him. My mother had my sister in London and soon after, they were both off to start their new life in America as immigrants before eventually becoming citizens, all while still remaining great friends with Linda 27 years later.

My parents, like many other foreigners play a huge role in making this country flourish. My mother eventually started her nursing career and when my parents finally got their groove going in their new country, they decided to have me, in Detroit, Michigan. Finally, along came our baby brother Eric, born in Beaumont hospital.

For our 3rd Challenge, all of the special moments and meanings in my life are coming together. I’m am so excited to be a part of the Beaumont Family Medicine art project for this challenge because if it wasn’t for Beaumont, my life would definitely be different. My dad has been working at Beaumont for 20+ years. Both of my parents spent a lot of time in the city of Detroit due to their work. They are in the home care field so they travel to patients homes and develop relationships with patients to make them feel comfortable, confident and healthy, and they do it only with passion and love. Patients have expressed their gratitude through their own personal art. My parents always speak highly of my siblings and I which sometimes leads to their patients creating art pieces for us too. Art that has helped them regain their heart health and happiness back, and the patients use their art and share it with those that have taken care of them.

The health care field is something I am passionate about because of my parents and something I thank them for. Even if the current leader of this country doesn’t believe foreigners are a benefit to this country, I and millions of others can attest to them being more than a benefit to this country and have grown to love this country as if it were their own. I am thankful for Linda buckling my family up for this crazy ride for almost three decades. To me, my parents are the American Dream, because of what Nigeria has taught and given them. Nigerians are bold, tough, resilient, innovative individuals with the biggest hearts, just like the people of Detroit.

So mumma & poppa, I dedicate this project to you, and the many patients whose lives you may have changed or saved, this country needs people like you.